Haliburton School of Art and Design

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COURSE CODE: ARTS1326 Composition and Colour for Painting

This course is not suitable for beginners.
Learn about the elements and principles of design and how to utilize them in constructing good compositions. Discover how to establish value patterning and determine the key of your paintings. Colour theory will be explored through exercises designed to strengthen your observation skills to identify subtle nuances of colour in hue, value, and chroma. Value and colour are inseparable when learning to mix colour accurately. Landscape or nature-based subject matter can span from semi-abstract to representational, to more realist in approach. You can work in the media of your choice - oils, acrylics in heavy body, fluid or high flow, watercolour or pastels. Constructive one-on-one guidance and critiques, group discussion, and demonstrations will establish a sound knowledge in the working methods of these mediums. To register check this link below.


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A perfect afternoon.The Locks, Huntsvill