RURAL ROOTS - The painting process

I'm always on the lookout for a good composition, or some great colour combo but most importantly I'm looking for that thing that grabs me in my tracks and makes me gasp... or fills me with awe and the wonder of it all. It's that very essence that gets transferred into the painting whether it's been painted on site completely, partially or even from memory and experience. I hope you enjoy my paintings and can connect to that thread of life that ties us all together.

The process of every great painting begins with a good composition, a quick sketch and then some blocking in of important values and colours to set the mood and feeling of the place. The rest is all about the heart, mind and hand coordinating together to create the final creative outcome.

Big East River sketch.JPG
Big East oil sketch oil sketch in the bo
Big East River partly done.JPG
2019 Rural Roots-Big East.jpg