The story begins in 1960 when my parents moved to Huntsville to start a new life for their family. In 1965 my parents bought a resort called Timber Trail; and that I can say firsthand just how pivotal that move was to my growing up years. My Oxtongue Lake roots are very strong and have impacted everything I do in art and life. To have grown up and be immersed in such a natural wonderland was critical to my development. As a child I listened, observed and allowed my senses to take in the surrounding beauty. It is from this vantage point that my kindred art spirit developed and blossomed. The effects of colour and light are the driving forces in all my work. I have discovered that it is the simple things in life that can help us feel a sense of connection and draw us closer together. RURAL ROOTS is my celebration of those connections. I have chosen to paint places and things that are perhaps small and yet significant; moments that can take my breath away and remind me of my RURAL ROOTS.

The Premiere viewing of these 50 new original oils on birch boards will be revealed at The Oxtongue Craft Cabin & Gallery,1073 Fox Point Road, Dwight.

Come and join me at the opening reception June 29th, 2019 from1-4. Live music by Marion Linton and light refreshments. Show continues until July 14th, 2019.                          For more details visit: